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Bootstrap 4 UI kit

Ready to use html components for

E-commerce Marketplace
Booking projects Product websites

Last update:

Build responsive e-commerce projects on the web with the world's first html ui kit front-end component library. Bootstrap-ecommerce ui kit is an open source toolkit for developing e-commerce and booking websites with HTML, CSS, and JS. Quickly prototype with ready made blocks and plugins. Build your entire project with our styles and plugins, responsive design system.

This ecommerce ui kit also includes starter kits (ecommerce templates).

On next update we're creating e-commerce design templates on sketch app which contains most used elements of e-commerce web sites such as menu, cards, product details, icons, headers, footers and so on

Why use this ui kit?

60% of Your work already done..

Tiny uikit.css file which already includes 60% of Your work We saved Your time

Hand picked plugins to save your time for searching and compare

Ready high quality html templates and Starter layouts with different header styles

Advanced Grid system

Bootstrap 12 col and 24 col grid system

You can use default bootstrap’s col system Together with our 24 col grid.

Just add -24 prefix to the end of grid column class.
For example: col-sm-6-24 This means 1/4 with or equal to

You can use default grid and 24 col grid together:
<div class=“row”>
<div class=“col-md-3-24  col-sm-5”>

Instead of class row also you can use row-sm class to make distance between cols smaller

Well arranged structure

Easy to start any project

All necessary html files, templates, and plugins are included to quick start any type of web project. Hand picked best plugins are included into plugins/ folder

Different variations of header, sliders, product cards, info boxes and much more

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Less code more element

Easy to customize for any project

Latest updated plugins and coding technology. We like minimum css code and classes.

We prefer semantic html code, without bunch of div div divs ...

Icons for everything

PNG, SVG, uniform icons width different styles

We've included latest version of Material icons and FontAwesome fonticons.
But apart from those icons We'va also included separate PNG and SVG icon collections for web projects.

You can find icons for ecomerce like clothing, electronics, people and other item icons as SVG and PNG formats

Starter templates

All necessary html files, templates, and plugins are included
to quick start any type of e-commerce web project